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Cleanse Package

Pre-Cleanse Instructions:
Embarking on a juice cleanse is beyond detoxing, it is a journey that transitions your body into healthy state physically and mentally. To be successful in a juice cleanse, preparation is key. It is wise to transition your body to replacing foods, and beverages that do not serve your health. Begin by not consuming meat or dairy at least 24-36 hours prior of the cleanse. This transition will ease your body into the cleanse and aid in a successful experience.

Instructions on how to maximize your Juice Cleanse:
Cleansing the body supports restoration internally to effectively reduce your toxic load and enable the body to function more optimally. Therefore, it’s effective to eliminate toxins and increase in energy and vitality. The following products have been carefully planned and packed with a substantial number of antioxidants. The juices are labeled in order following a meal schedule, Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Dinner (D), Snack (S) and Cocao (C).

The following juice blends are incorporated into the juice beverages per day.
- (B) Breakfast Juice:
Gala Apple, Red plum Red pear, and Seamoss
- (L) Lunch Juice: Black Kale, Mustard Green, Gala Apple, Ginger Kirby, and Cucumber Callaloo
- (D) Dinner Juice: Baby Banana, Papaya, Papaya Seeds, Dates, and Ceylon cinnamon
- (S) Snack Juice: Strawberry, Banana, Papaya, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Clove
- (C) Cocao: Natural cacao powder, Agave nectar, Clove, Ceylon cinnamon, Coconut Milk

The detoxification juice cleanse also includes a prepped herbal tea and Cocao or “Gold Milk”. The supplemental Cocao and herbal tea’s will assist in feeding your body on a cellular level to increase your fiber intake. The herbal tea is an important factor to consume at night, once all the juice beverages have been consumed. Upon consuming the tea, you will notice that the fresh herbs are floating in the bottom portion of the tea. Begin by straining the tea and bringing it to a boil. You may then serve the tea in a mug. The tea will have a bitter taste. You will experience frequent trips to the restroom as the tea is regulating your body to eliminate toxins. The Cocao can be consumed either in the morning or evening hours. To prep the Cocao, begin by simmering on a low flame in a pot. Place it into a cup of your choice. Please feel free toad sweetener of your choice. This can include agave, date sugar, or coconut sugar, however, absolutely no synthetic sugars.

Symptoms of the detox you may or may not experience:
- Small headaches
- Lightheaded ness
- Sneezing
- Eyes watering
- Flu like symptoms (comes and goes)
- Night sweats Etc.

I urge you to not be alarmed by the detox symptoms as it is part of the detox process.   The detox symptoms are a result of sugar and caffeine withdrawal in addition to the body releasing toxins. While your body is releasing toxins, it is vital to do your part in maintaining an abundant amount of hydration. An important step is drinking plenty of water when you are experiencing signs of hunger or the listed detox symptoms. The only liquids that are permissible to have on this cleanse other than what we have given you is plenty of water and coconut water in between beverages. All beverages including the tea in this program is to be refrigerated.

It is recommended you don’t partake in major physical activity or events while on this cleanse. We advocate incorporating healthy activity by walking, Yoga, meditation, writing, and praying while on this cleanse. Absolutely no heavy lifting and intense workouts. We also recommend not eating consuming meat or dairy at least 24-36 hours prior of the cleanse. It will make your journey a lot easier as it prevents you from hurling.

Contact Information:
Please feel free to reach us at Bestbelieveisvegan@gmail.com if you have any further questions or are allergic to any ingredients listed above.

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