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Get creative in the kitchen

From now on, the kitchen is your laboratory. You are the MasterChef of your kitchen. I simply provided you with a template. When you eliminate certain foods from your diet that you've been enjoying your whole life, naturally you will try to find a replacement that will satisfy your taste buds. When I began this journey I had an online cooking mentor on Facebook. He goes by Chef Crush Foster. I consider him to be one of the pioneers in culinary arts using alkaline foods. I was about a month into my journey and I was kind of bored with what I was eating. I attended one of his classes and was inspired by his culinary genius. I didn’t just cook food and added flavor anymore, I began to think of ways to recreate the meals I’ve missed so much. In the process, I’ve realized that I was limiting my mind. I realized that there isn't anything I can't recreate with natural foods. Eventually you will be so good that you can look at a non-vegan recipe, or a vegan recipe that's unhealthy, and be able to know instantly what natural foods to replace them with to recreate the flavor and texture of the meal.



Who's Bobo

MY Inspiring Family

Family calls me Carlito, the neighborhood calls me Bobo.

The Health Journey

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had two passions in my life. Those two loves where sports and food. Ever since my father gave me my first baseball, I was in love with sports. I loved talking about sports, watching sports, and most importantly playing sports. Not to toot my own, but I was always one of the best players if not the best player on all the teams I played for growing up.

I ended up getting a small baseball scholarship to a division 2 college in West Virginia. I was living the life I always wanted.


However in my second season of college baseball, I was playing a game in Augusta Georgia. After the game, my whole body stiffened up and I was unable to move. My coach and teammates had to rush me to the hospital where I learned that I was extremely dehydrated. After that day, I began to have several different health issues and I suffered from extreme anxiety because of it. I suffered from massive lightheadedness, dizziness and heavy breathing. My anxiety was so bad, it got to the point that I didn’t want to go to sleep anymore in fear that I would take my last breath in my sleep. My anxiety got even worse when every doctor that I went to could not give me a reason for my health issues. In fact, after every blood test, cat scan, MRI, or any other test, they told me that I was completely fine. I suffered a great depression, not only because I couldn’t get to the bottom of my health issues, but because I couldn’t perform on the baseball field.


About a month passed by and my mother sent me a video as well as an article on a holistic healer named Dr.Sebi. I fell in love with his message. The video resonated with me in a profound way. So much so that I studied day and night to learn as much as I can about his approach to healing. Getting healthy was now my number one priority and I was not going to let anything get in my way of stopping the pain I was feeling. I studied for months before I put any of his ideology into practice. My intention was to visit his healing village to learn from him first hand. However after his passing in August 2016, I felt uncomfortable with the idea of visiting his village without him being there, especially since there were many scandals and speculation of people watering and tampering down his message. As well as rumors being spread that his herbal compounds where being compromised after his passing. Whether they were rumors or not, I didn’t want to find out the hard way. It seemed that there were very few people trying to keep the purity of his message. Dr. Sebi’s message was pure. Due to the fact that I was new to the movement, I was unwilling to learn from someone else in his circle.


Lucky enough I came upon a video of another brother. He is also a healer. But this man was different. However he had the same message. He is young, has tattoos, and talked like an average dude from the hood. He was a man from my generation who spoke my language and a man I could relate to. He is brilliant and remarkable. He goes by the name of YADA.


When he announced that he was creating a village of health and wellness, I knew I had to take a trip the first chance I had to get right and exact with my health. When I touched down in his village, I got the opportunity to build with the god himself. He taught me different fasting techniques for detoxifying the human body, he taught me about the different functions of nature’s foods and herbs, and he taught me how to heal my mind, body, and soul. However none of those teaching where more important than the most important lesson I learned in his village, which was love of self. I realized that I was a person who knew better but didn’t do better. Once I was true to myself, I was able to come to the happiness I yearned for. On a physical level, I entered the village with severe lightheadedness, headaches and anxiety. I left a healthy man. On a mental level, I entered the village lost and confused, unsure of who I really was. I left the village knowing my purpose as well as my destiny.


I had already begun to only eat natural foods months prior to my visit. I already had a natural talent for culinary arts before I became an alkaline vegan. When I transitioned my lifestyle, I treated my kitchen as a science laboratory, experimenting with all of nature's foods to see how far I can take my creativity. During my transition, I thought I will never be able to enjoy the foods that I’ve been accustomed to enjoying my entire life. I thought to myself, no more rice and beans with chicken, no more cheese, no more milk, no more flan, no more empanadas, no more nothing. I learned quickly that couldn’t be further from the truth. During the course of my journey I have been able to recreate all the dishes, snacks, desserts, and drinks that I’ve enjoyed when I was a meat and dairy consumer using “YADA’s Supreme Alkaline Food List.” All of my cuisines are designed to satisfy your taste buds, as well as feed your body on a cellular level. You can say I have successfully combined the best of both worlds.


Healthy Information

Get to know your body:

Our body is made up of approximately 102-108 minerals. Our bodies are incapable of producing these minerals. So we must consume these minerals so our body can function properly. When we ingest what we are made up of, our body will naturally create the vitamins we need as well as the protein enzymes we need to strive.


 blood sugar. The only time you ingested this mineral is when you have a Kit-Kat bar or a Twix because of the chromium in cocoa which is always a key ingredient in chocolate bars. Now the rest of the chocolate bar is garbage, but your body received the necessary mineral it needed and it will run off of that. Our body was able recognize the only source where you got this mineral from. It identified Kit-Kat or another chocolate bar as the source because that is the only time your body received chromium.

Our body is a supreme conscious being. It knows exactly what you need to

flourish and to be able to perform on every level. When it doesn’t receive what it needs, your body will immediately let you know. Ever wonder why you crave something you don’t normally eat all the time? Well this can easily be explained through science. When your body is depleted of a mineral, your body will remember the source you usually received that mineral from.  For example, let's say you are low in chromium, a mineral that helps balance


Or suppose there is not enough mango’s in your diet. Mangos are one of those fruit that helps improve all aspects of human health. They don't call mangos “the king fruit” for nothing. Just to put things into perspective, let's say you rarely or never eat raw mangoes. However you do take in some of the mineral content in mangos in the form of mango smoothies from commercial juice bars, a mango sorbet, or some form of mango pastry. When your body gets depleted from minerals that mangos are high in, your mind will seek these minerals from the sources you normally feed it. All of the sudden you crave that mango sorbet instead of the natural raw mango because of the addictive properties of processed sugar that was paired with the mineral rich mango.


How do we fix this problem? It will not take long, it will just take discipline. We begin by eliminating these snacks you usually eat and replace them with natural products. For example, Instead of buying the mango smoothie with the fructose corn syrup and synthetic sugars, make the smoothie at home using ingredients from the alkaline foods list we have provided. Force more raw foods into your body, even if you don't enjoy them at the moment. We are creatures of habit. Remember that we have learned to eat garbage. Eventually the more you keep forcing natural foods in you; your body will begin to recognize what the good foods are versus the bad foods. It will begin to reject what does not belong in your body, and you will develop a craving for natural foods instead.

On a personal note, I have gotten to the point that whenever I go against my lifestyle diet, my body will let me know. I will break out, have an upset stomach, have irregular bathroom trips, etc. It's a beautiful thing when that happens because it puts you in the position to run your own diagnostic.


Supreme Alkaline Food List

(description of alkaline foods and the list go in this section)

The Supreme Alkaline Food List

One of the biggest misunderstandings of this food guide, is that it's less things than your current diet. People ask or say things like “what am I supposed to eat?” or “I’m going to be eating the same thing over and over” or my favorite “Where am I going to get my protein!!?” (The last question is a huge topic within itself and I don’t want to get sidetrack from the main topic. That question will be answered in this book so hang tight.) However let’s put these quotes in perspective. When you look at the average American diet, is there really a variety? Let’s take a stroll through an average day of the American diet. Allow me to paraphrase my culinary mentor Mr. Carl Foster: You might have chicken fetuses in the morning that we call eggs, but let's call it for what it is. You might have a chicken salad, chicken wrap or chicken sandwich for lunch. To end your day you might prepare a nice grilled or baked chicken breast. It feels like a variety but really you just ate chicken all day.


In reality there are a hundred of different foods on the supreme alkaline food list. The possibilities are endless. I’ve been able to replace cheese, eggs, milk, chicken, tofu, fish, even steak using this food list. There is absolutely no limitation. It is all possible.


Books & Services

Shopping with Bobo

  Bobo’s Personal cooking class


30 Minutes

2 hours $350 includes phone Consultation & Shopping with Bobo

$40 30 minutes

2 hours $250 includes Consultation:

If your having difficulty finding items and produce in your area, Bobo will devote his time to research and explore the area in which you live in and personally take you shopping in that area. He will teach you how to reach your health goal while remaining at your shopping budget. Bobo will spend his time consulting you as well as navigate you through the isles.  This service comes with a free phone consultation before we meet so that Bobo can get familiar with where you are in your journey and plan accordingly.


Note: only the following locations qualify for this service at the moment: New york city, Westchester County, NY, Rockland County, NY, Putnam County, NY, Nassau County, NY, Bergen county, Nj, Essex County, NJ, Hudson County, NJ, Passaic County, NJ Middlesex County, NJ, Orange County, NY, Fairfield County, CT.

Bobo is a psychologist when it comes to fixing relationships between an individual and their kitchen. This service comes with a free phone consultation before you meet up, as well as a free food shopping course. Bobo is here to help people who are serious in changing their lifestyle to an alkaline vegan one and are having extreme difficulty giving up certain foods. Whatever you are having difficulty giving up, Bobo will find a way to quench your cravings while simultaneously feed you on a cellular level.


Note: only the following locations qualify for this service at the moment: New york city, Westchester County, NY, Rockland County, NY, Putnam County, NY, Nassau County, NY, Bergen county, Nj, Essex County, NJ, Hudson County, NJ, Passaic County, NJ Middlesex County, NJ, Orange County, NY, Fairfield County, CT.

Looking for some helpful tips and guidance on how to transition to an alkaline vegan lifestyle? Look no further. You can now talk to Bobo personally for health, and culinary arts advice. You will also have the opportunity to set up a personal service that is not listed for purchase, which can be more conducive for you. This service is perfect for anyone seeking support in his or her lifestyle change. Consultations are guaranteed to enlighten you with new information and knowledge. (all consultations are 30 min).

Bobo's Cook Book

Bobo's E-Cook Book

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Sea Moss Gel 16oz.

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Prepped and ready to add to your smoothies, shakes and food recipes.

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Wild crafted Raw Sea Moss.

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Wild crafted Raw Sea Moss.

(Chondrus Crispus)


1 Guest $549 | 2 Guests $949


Limited Quantity Available of 35 guests. Please note, due to the nature of the event, no refunds can be issued once a purchase is made.


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