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Get to know your body.

Our body is made up of approximately 102-108 minerals. Our bodies are incapable of producing these minerals. So we must consume these minerals so our body can function properly. When we ingest what we are made up of, our body will naturally create the vitamins we need as well as the protein enzymes we need to strive.   blood sugar. The only time you ingested this mineral is when you have a Kit-Kat bar or a Twix because of the chromium in cocoa which is always a key ingredient in chocolate bars. Now the rest of the chocolate bar is garbage, but your body received the necessary mineral it needed and it will run off of that. Our body was able recognize the only source where you got this mineral from. It identified Kit-Kat or another chocolate bar as the source because that is the only time your body received chromium.

Our body is a supreme conscious being. It knows exactly what you need to
flourish and to be able to perform on every level. When it doesn’t receive what it needs, your body will immediately let you know. Ever wonder why you crave something you don’t normally eat all the time? Well this can easily be explained through science. When your body is depleted of a mineral, your body will remember the source you usually received that mineral from.  For example, let's say you are low in chromium, a mineral that helps balance.

Or suppose there is not enough mango’s in your diet. Mangos are one of those fruit that helps improve all aspects of human health. They don't call mangos “the king fruit” for nothing. Just to put things into perspective, let's say you rarely or never eat raw mangoes. However you do take in some of the mineral content in mangos in the form of mango smoothies from commercial juice bars, a mango sorbet, or some form of mango pastry. When your body gets depleted from minerals that mangos are high in, your mind will seek these minerals from the sources you normally feed it. All of the sudden you crave that mango sorbet instead of the natural raw mango because of the addictive properties of processed sugar that was paired with the mineral rich mango.

How do we fix this problem? It will not take long, it will just take discipline. We begin by eliminating these snacks you usually eat and replace them with natural products. For example, Instead of buying the mango smoothie with the fructose corn syrup and synthetic sugars, make the smoothie at home using ingredients from the alkaline foods list we have provided. Force more raw foods into your body, even if you don't enjoy them at the moment. We are creatures of habit. Remember that we have learned to eat garbage. Eventually the more you keep forcing natural foods in you; your body will begin to recognize what the good foods are versus the bad foods. It will begin to reject what does not belong in your body, and you will develop a craving for natural foods instead.
On a personal note, I have gotten to the point that whenever I go against my lifestyle diet, my body will let me know. I will break out, have an upset stomach, have irregular bathroom trips, etc. It's a beautiful thing when that happens because it puts you in the position to run your own diagnostic.